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Handmade to order with meticulous attention given to each and every melt, our Discovery Melts showcase a collection of gourmand fragrances that is not available in any of our other candle collections. Our logo, a geometric representation of a burning candle, is embedded into each of our melts. Each pack contains 2 x 22 grams of the same fragrance and has a combined scent throw time of 50+ hours.


Fragrances Available are:

  • Pandan Leaf (Better known as the Asian Vanilla)
  • Air Bandung (Rose Syrup & Condensed Milk - a drink popular in Maritime Southeast Asia, notably in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore)
  • Fig & Lychee
  • Rich Caramel
  • White Chocolate
  • Espresso Shot

 * colours may vary between batches.

 * as each of our melts are individually handpoured and hand unmolded, there may be slight imperfection during the unmoulding process.

Our melts are designed to melt slower than candles and because they are melted at a lower temperature, our melts do not evaporate.  You will be left with a fragrance free wax after 25+ hours of melting time. When you are finished with your wax melts, allow the wax to cool a bit before removing it from the wax warming plate.



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