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Qasturi (pronounced kastoori) is the Malay word for musk, an aromatic substance commonly used as base notes in perfumery.

Fragrances are created to entice you, at times seduce you, take you to a beautiful place, a journey and bring back those sweet memories you have long forgotten. These are all the things that I am aiming to evoke when I create my fragrances.

Our logo is a geometric representation of a burning candle.

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Love Qasturi candles! They are beautifully packaged and have a great choice of scents so good for gifts or for yourself. My favourites are Japanese Garden and Marrakesh - a high quality product and a good price. Highly recommended.

Alex Harrison

The scents are beautiful and have a long burn. I love forbidden city but there are so many wonderful scents to choose from. I am certainly a repeat customer. Thanks Ross for your amazing work!Ā 

Emmanuella Murray

Absolutely adore these, so many beautiful aromas, great way of sampling the stunning scents before purchasing in larger range

Vicky L.


A great sent that greets me every time I come into my study - and it magically transcends me away to a world of sweet memories every time!

Shane W


I recently purchased the Indochine fragrance reeds and candle. I am a lover of beautiful fragrance. When I first smelt the Indochine candle I was in heaven! I canā€™t explain it but the depth, complexity and perfect balance of the fragrance had my senses tingling and I was transported to a tropical island in my mind. Whenever I light my candle I feel happy and the stress of the day fades away. The fragrance reeds make my bathroom smell amazing!

Lynette N.